I really do love you he said…..

Being my husband, I guess he could sense I was feeling some type of way but I said I’m fine and left it because I’m trying to let God work it out for me.  I’ve made a firm decision to trust God and stand on his word and have joy no matter what it looks like.  I don’t want to be happy just based on circumstances anymore.  Its not how I wanna live.

When we went to bed last night, he said “You know, I really love you honey.”  my reply…”I know you do and I love you”.  He said he was glad to hear that I knew, and it gave him assurance. What I wanted to say but didn’t was, “I know you love me and I’ve always known but I can’t trust you. Because loving and trusting aren’t the same thing.”  I hope he isn’t mistaking love for trust.  He’s a smart man so hopefully he gets that because I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to ask if he knew the difference. He might feel offended.

I’m surrendering and putting ALL of my trust in God and no matter what it looks like, I will not faint. I have finally decided in my mind and heart that divorce is not an option and Satan will not destroy us.


2 thoughts on “I really do love you he said…..

  1. My husband was a pastor and when he stepped down “we” stepped down. I lost all my ministries. I was a mess but I was also determined that the enemy could have everything else but my marriage and my close family unit. I trusted God when he said to trust him and that he would make a miracle out of this. He was true to his word. My healing came quickly and 20 months later we are doing better then we ever have and my family is even closer then I thought we could be.
    A book that helped us was How to help your spouse heal from your affair by Linda Mcdonald, and MY husband’s affair became the best thing that happened to me by Anne Bercht. She also has an online site Beyondaffairs.com and Not just friends by Shirley

    If your husband is truly repentant and sorrowful then you are on a good path. It takes a lot of grace and patience on your part to let him get to a place of being your healer. It took 8 months before he truly came to understand what he did to me and to start helping me heal. But when he got there wow what a change. Hang in there! Praying for you!

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